We are born - on purpose - with a map or handbook made visible in our Astrological Natal Chart.

This map encompasses all that we are - our bodies, personalities, and unique purposes for being. We experience pain, malaise, and dis-ease when we aren't living true to our purposes - that's where I come in. Using the tools of your Natal Chart and/or hands-on bodywork, I work with you to move out of pain or stuck-ness and back into the full experience of joy-filled life.

My Astrology Focus:

While many astrologers focus on forecasting the future or determining partnership compatibility, my focus is on all the parts of YOU that make you the unique emanation that you are. 

 > Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chiron, and North Node: Determine your life purpose and soul's goals for growth


 > Discover repeated messages/characteristics in your chart that point to your challenges and strengths


 > Inspire you to learn about your own chart, and provide learning materials for self-study and self-mastery


 > Create an ongoing coaching series that works from your strengths and helps you overcome your challenges.


Together we can identify where/who you want to be and how to get there.

Before you're born, there's a question in the collective subconscious.
When you're born - 
you're the answer
NOW OPEN for bodywork! 
Virtual body care consults & Astro Coaching available as always!

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