SOFT RE-OPENING May 9 for bodywork . 
Virtual body care consults & Astro Coaching available as always!

Quality bodywork is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity.

Astrology Nerd

Beginning around 2012 I started learning about the language of astrology. It's been a cosmic self-study that constantly expands my understanding of life. It helps me understand my place in the cosmos and why things are so crazy... and wonderful. Astrology teaches me about myself, others, and the conscious Universe of which we are a co-creative part.

Books, blogs, videos, workshops, and in-person study are my learning avenues. My primary teachers are Jeanny Russell, a 40-year intuitive teacher in Boulder; Kapacha Lescher, a modern messenger of ancient wisdom (see his YouTube Channel); Nancy Detweiler, compiler of the Esoteric System that I use in consultations (See website); and the Power Path Seminars & School of Shamanism (See their webpage).

Eli - I can’t find the words to express what a great massage you gave me last week - thank you!  You truly excel at what you do...  Not only did I feel great for hours afterwards, but three days later I continue to feel significant structural benefits.  I’ve been to many therapists over the years but this is the first massage that truly had a lasting healing quality. Looking forward to the next session!!
-Robert A., avid cyclist & professor

Welcome to Souljourner!

I'm Eli, a Core Synchronism practitioner, Astrologer, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki practitioner. I'm passionate about serving humanity by helping you reconnect with your life purpose, vital life energy, and helping you feel at home in your body. ​

Massage & Bodywork is hands-down one of the most effective ways to healthfully handle stress, decrease pain, and support your body's longevity. I practice several deeply calming & corrective techniques can move you from "fine" (freaked-out, insecure, neurotic and emotional) to free


With eleven years' experience as a professional massage therapist, I've learned and created a versatile tool bag of techniques to address, and heal pain.


My approach: Over my many years of practice I've discovered that pain is very rarely what it seems.


   to create sessions that help you in the short- and long-term.


I've been fascinated by, and avidly studying, the physiology of the body since I was a teen. Practicing 

I'm in the business of pain management and stress reduction, your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is being stretched to the limit I

Based on your needs - be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - I tap into my tool bag to create sessions that help you in the short- and long-term. Armed with the tools of hands-on bodywork, astrology, and a sharp intuition I work with you to move out of pain or stuck-ness and back into the full experience of joy-filled life.

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NOW OPEN for bodywork! 
Virtual body care consults & Astro Coaching available as always!

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